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Welcome to our library of Webinars.

We hope you enjoy the topics and look forward to receiving any comments you may have as well as suggestions for future webinars.

Our first on is on running a successful Lighthouse project to deliver a Public Cloud ecosystem using Agile ways-of-working at an Investment Bank, pre-Covid19

Running a Successful Lighthouse Project

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Leadership in Financial and Technical Firms during Covid19

Watch StoryPositive’s MD, Toby Corballis’ webinar for The Financial Services Club, sponsored by Z/Yen, on Leadership in Financial and Technical firms during Covid19. 

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Agile Benefits for Leaders and Executives

Numerous resources are available to train Change teams in how Agile; however, little exists on the benefits for leaders and executives. One of the missions of StoryPositive is to fill the lacuna in this knowledge base. In this insight article we look at some of the benefits of shifting to Agile from a Leadership perspective.
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Money for nothing!

Every year firms lose millions of dollars by leaving value on the table. Find out how to return lost value to the bottom line
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