Digitalisation. Five: The Operating Model

Digitalisation requires a different operating model to non-digital. Where do you start and how do you ensure backward compatibility? Find out in this, the fifth article on digital maturity

Pascale semi-reloaded

Business Fads and The Problem of Change In his book Managing on the Edge, originally published in 1990, Richard T Pascale produced a chart showing the popularity of different business fads, an attempt to highlight business fad and the problem of change. Originally it was up to 1988, though it’s been updated a few times. Here’s […]

Agile Benefits for Leaders and Executives

Numerous resources are available to train Change teams in how Agile; however, little exists on the benefits for leaders and executives. One of the missions of StoryPositive is to fill the lacuna in this knowledge base. In this insight article we look at some of the benefits of shifting to Agile from a Leadership perspective.

Money for nothing!

Every year firms lose millions of dollars by leaving value on the table. Find out how to return lost value to the bottom line