Welcome to the StoryPositive site. It's great to have you here :)

The StoryPositive mission:

  1. At StoryPositive, we believe positive outcomes are possible in almost any scenario (in which we, as a race [humans, that is], are still alive and, if we're not, then it kind of doesn't matter).
  2. The universe, life, or whatever, doesn't owe anyone a thing. That's our way of saying that whilst adopting the lotus position and sending positive energy waves out into the aether may sound appealing, it's actually nonsense. If you want the universe to give you something you have to do more than ask. You have to give, and even then recognise that what you get back may not be what you asked for; though it may well be something worth having.

You see, we're not about energy forces, ley lines, mysticism, or other trendy terms. In business, these are, at best, a panacea. Good strategy, good ethics, and well-thought through (and executed) processes will get you a lots further than the plethora of snake oil that masquerades as self-help and business expertise. The best bit is, whilst there's a lot to it, this stuff has been thought about extensively by some very fine academics and business brains, been field-tested, and actually gets results. Eating siberian toad's milk porridge every morning just because the founder of a successful internet start-up does it, won't make you successul and, if you become as successful as that founder that's serendipity or myriad other reasons (including good execution of good strategy), not the toad's milk porridge.

In the cupboard, here at StoryPositive, there are numerous tools to help you with understanding how to create business strategies that work from tools that are ubiquitous in the business community that help with framing strategy (e.g. SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces, and Game Theory), to tools that help with mindfulness (the sensible sort, not the snake oil sort), to advice basde on our experience, right through to studies based on the experience of others.